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Gottfried Silbermann, Freiberg 1749

Gottfried Silbermann Copy

My Silbermann Copy is a Reconstruction from a Fortepiano now in the Germanisches Nationalmusuem Nürnberg, which he Built for Friedrich II, King of Prussia.

The Range is FF-f³, 8´,8´,4´Stringing, 8´,8´,8´,4´Registers, 245 cm long.
The Case is from Solid German Walnut.

On the Lower Manual is a Dark Loud 8´and a 4´Register, on the Upper manual a Clear, Loud 8´and a Soft, Bright 8´Register.
With the Buff stop and the Manual Coupler remains no Wish open.

The Main Sound Character is: Big volume, Dark Bass and Middle Region, Soft, Round, Loud Sound with a Bright „Corona“, (the Famous "Silbermann-Sound) Organ-Like Sound Duration, the 8´and the 4´is Mixing Very Well.

It is Suitable for the Late J.S.Bach, the Music of his Sons and Contemporians, i.e. Joseph Haydn, W.A.Mozart. Furthermore for French Music of the Late 17th and the 18th Century.

On order, I Make a Copy of the Stand of the Silbermann-Fortepiano from 1746, Made for Friedrich II, now in the Castle „Sanssouci“in Potsdam.
The Stand is Made in Solid Walnut with Complicated „Ballustre“ Legs.


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